What Started Calligraphy by Design...



             Being in love with the finer things in life, my husband and I were always on the lookout for the one antique to add to our house or plant to add to our garden to make a statement for all who saw. Back in 2015, when our wedding came around, I was laid back and wanted the professionals to handle everything they were contracted to do, because their the professional. The one thing I couldn't let anyone else handle were my invitations. It was too personal to me knowing close family members were going to keep some of them as keepsakes, and I definitely was! With my history of calligraphy throughout schooling and and my soon-to-be husband's motivation, we had designed the perfect invitation for us and addressed everyone's envelopes.

            I loved hearing the compliments and went even further to create all of the signage for the wedding including the card box, guest book, and gift table. Our wedding came and went (including the few "oopsy!" moments) and I put down my quill and ink once again, until my bridesmaid's wedding came around 2 years later and she asked me to help!

          My husband and I were once back at the drawing board and after seeing how much I was enjoying working again, he convinced me to open Calligraphy by Design so everyone can have someone to personally help them with their invitations and personalized designs! We won't stop at less than perfect for your event, occasion, or wedding because we wouldn't accept less than perfect ourselves.